Children travelling alone

Is your child travelling without an accompanying adult? That must be very exciting for them! With our Unaccompanied Minor service, we’ll guarantee your child receives assistance from our ground and cabin crew. Check when to arrange it and how it works.

Unaccompanied Minor service

We do our very best to ensure your child travels as comfortable as possible, even when travelling on their own. We’ll make sure they reach the correct plane, keep an eye on them during the flight, and help in case of delay or other disruptions.

The service is available for all direct flights. Transfers for children travelling alone are allowed on KLM, Air France, and Delta Air Lines flights only.

Mandatory for kids 5 to 14 years

Is your child aged 5 up to and including 14 and travelling without an accompanying adult of 18 years and older? Or is your kid travelling in a different travel class than the accompanying adult? Please note that you’re always required to book the Unaccompanied Minor service on top of the regular ticket.

Optional for youth 15 to 17 years

For kids aged 15 up to and including 17 years old, the Unaccompanied Minor service is optional. If you choose not to book the service, we’ll consider your child an adult passenger.

In case of flight delay or cancellation, we’re happy to help if your child mentions their age and their need for assistance to our KLM staff. However, for dedicated supervision in case of flight disruptions, make sure to book the Unaccompanied Minor service.

How it works

If your child will be travelling alone, you can book their ticket with the mandatory or optional Unaccompanied Minor service via the KLM website. Make sure to arrange the trip at least 24 hours before departure.

Personal details

After booking the service, your provided details about the persons bringing and picking up your child to and from the airport will be available in My Trip. This way, we can make sure your child’s journey is a smooth one.


Bring your child to the check-in desk at the airport at least 2,5 hours before departure. You’ll have to stay at the airport until your child’s flight has departed.

Make sure to bring a valid type of identification for your child and the person taking your child to the airport. Please also provide 4 printed, filled-out, and signed copies of the form stating the details of those bringing and picking up your child. All 4 forms need to be signed by the parent or guardian.

You can print the filled-out form directly from My Trip or download and print the PDF version of the document.

During the trip

Before departure, our staff will accompany your child to their seat in the aircraft. During the flight, our cabin attendants will keep a close eye on your child. We’ll bring them to a designated lounge for children travelling alone if they have a long transfer.


After arrival, we’ll accompany your child to the arrival hall to bring them to the person you have authorised to pick them up. They need to bring a valid type of identification matching the information on the form you filled out.


To use the Unaccompanied Minor service, you’ll pay the price of an adult’s ticket plus a service surcharge. For direct flights, this will be between EUR 100 and EUR 150. All flights with a transfer have a surcharge between EUR 200 and EUR 300. For return tickets, you’ll pay the fee twice.

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